Freight Cars

Elevator Sales designs and manufactures a complete range of freight lift cars for use in Hospitals, Factories, Offices and Shopping Centres.

This ES4000 range of lifts is designed for requirements of Class "A" (general goods loading), "B" (motor vehicle loading), & "C" (heavy goods loading) lifts.

The ES4000 is also used in the 25 passenger range and upward. This design can accommodate virtually any make of safety gear.

A variety of roping combinations are available including 1:1, 2:1 underslung and overhead, 4:1 and hydraulic.

  • A lift package with variable car sizes and options
  • A part lift package can be supplied if you prefer to use certain of your own components
  • Sound and vibration isolated floor for quieter ride
  • Load weighing provision
  • Car shell wall panels 'clip' together for ease of installation
  • Car/Landing operating panels and indicators

Our in-house design facility using the latest CAD/CAM technology can provide a lift solution to suit your needs exactly. Designed and manufactured to meet the requirements of the major international standards such as, Australian Standard AS1735, British (BS) and European standards (EN), you can be assured of a quality product. We can of course design to a specific country lift code if necessary.

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